Bristol English apps

This site is for teachers who help students to speak English from the very beginning.

The site links to free mobile phone apps and classroom resources;

There are three apps; Bristol English Pictures (for speakers of any first language), Bristol English Arabic (for those whose first language is Arabic) and Bristol English Pashto (for those whose first language is Pashto).

The apps are available on both Google Play and the App Store .The apps can be used in class, also for one to one teaching, and for outside class to consolidate learning. The apps have no ads, and are small (all are under 4M). No signin is required and the apps can be used offline, once installed.

There are also free downloadable Resources; worksheets and sets of pictures for use in the classroom and one to one support. Please note the Resources pages are in the process of being built, there are some temporary features.

All images used for the apps and the resources are copyright free. The resources can be freely photocopied and also edited to meet the needs of the class.